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Santarem Discus Plus is a warehouse in Portugal, Europe of Santarem Discus Company, in Amazonia, Brazil.Where you will find the rarest and only Wild Discus found in the Amazon. Real "Amazon Jewels" unique and limited Wild Discus to the most demanding customers . After the international successes, with victories in the biggest Discus Competitions in Europe and United States, in the last years the search for the Quality of our Wild Discus has grown. In order to reach everyone, we decided to open a European warehouse, Santarem Discus Plus. Thus we can sell to individuals (hobbyists) through this e-commerce site, without minimum quantities, with delivery to your home within 24 hours. For stores and our usual distributors we will have lower prices with minimum quantities.

  • Santarém Discus Plus

With the base in Amazonia in the city of Santarem, the Santarem Discus is a company constituted in 2009 and reached the last year to 48 Countries where we export our Wild Discus. The Warehouse in Europe , Santarem Discus Plus ,with around 50,000 liters of water, in this first phase of the project, usually has about 800 to 1500 Wild Discus in stock. Quarantines in the Amazon for 3 months are sent to our European Warehouse after they have been chosen one by one in different communities in the Amazon. In our Santarem Discus Plus warehouse a new quarantine of 2 months is redone before being offered for sale. This to ensure their quality. Fed three times a day with Tropical food. Our commitment is to sell the Wild Discus you really want to have in your home, choosing them one by one for their shape, eye color, size, etc. On this site you can see which community they belong to and where they were collected.


Our Wild Discus are packaged in single bags with oxygen , shipped in Styrofoam Boxe

Water Conditions

Water conditions Ph 6.8-7.2 water and about 350 microsiemans at a temperature of 27º.


Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer has a limit of 24 hours to be made after that time Wild Discus is available again. Important to send the transfer document to our email

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5% to 20% discounts on some Wild Discus